1. Are you superstitious? I am~~ but not as bad as some people... I'll start..

    I ONLY pic up pennies/dimes/nickels from the ground if they are HEADS UP~~

    I make a wish when it's 11:11.

    I always knock on wood!

    What are some other things y'all do~ I KNOW I can't be the ONLY superstitious person on here!
  2. I used to do the Rabbit, Rabbit thing, but not anymore.

    I do throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill it.

    When my team is playing and they're ahead, I can't get cocky and say things like, "We can take another half hour of our day to kick your ass" because I'm afraid I'm going to jinx them. I just watch the game, and cheer for my team and hope for the best.
  3. I always have to tell my kids that I love them before I go anywhere...even if it is just downstairs (we live in apartments) to get a coke. If I forget...I call them and tell them...although a bit morbid...If something happens to me...the last thing that I want to have said is, "I love you!"
  4. Umm.... I don't celebrate birthdays early, and I don't kill moths.

    When I was little....I used to put my hands on the ceiling of the car when going thru a tunnel "to hold it up"...:rolleyes:

    But! I will still whistle and/or trim my nails at night.

    Oh yes... and for you folks visiting the Hawaiian Islands... don't take back any stones/lava rocks for souvenier....that is very, very bad luck!! :sos:
  5. Why?

    I always knock on wood too!
    Make a wish if it's 3:33 etc..
    I don't step on cracks.
    If I trip I go back and kick whatever made me trip.
    If my ears get hot I bite my tongue.
    I always wish on the first star I see at night.
    I don't walk under ladders.
    If I break a mirror I let in soak in a bucket of water for a few days.
    If a black cat crosses my path I turn around or if it's in a car I make three cross on my windshield.

    I can't think of anymore ... I am superstitious!:push:
  6. Sonya, I think you're not supposed to take volcanic rocks because if you take them, you're taking Pele, the Volcano Goddess's children away. And when you take them away, she curses you with bad luck.

    (That was something we didn't know the time we visited the Big Island and that's why we have some volcanic rock at our house. They're respectfully displayed, though.)

    My apologies, Pele!
  7. I never shower until after 20 minutes of arriving home. That way, my feet cool down and I won't get yucky veins.
    I always wait 20 minutes to shower after eating.
    I make a wish when the time is 11:11, 3:33, etc. and I happen to catch it.
    I knock on wood.
  8. I knock on wood (i.e. my head). Lol. :smile:
  9. if i spill salt i compulsively throw it over my shoulder. when i was waitressing, my restaurant had complicated all in one salt and pepper shakers. i had to demonstrate at tables about 15 times a day and people always got a kick of me throwing a pinch of salt over my left shoulder before i walked away. i even have to do it if someone else spills it (which gives my husband hours of amusement in restaurants).

    i don't walk under ladders. i will go around the block to avoid them.

    i don't like the number 13. and i don't like tuesdays...but that's not superstitious.

    thanks to my mother, i cannot split between a pole with the person i'm walking with. when we were little if we split between a pole she always sing-songed "split between a pole, you'll have a fight" which in turn started a fight about whether splitting between a pole really starts a fight. :smile: but it stuck in my head and habits. if it happens now as an adult., i walk back around the pole and walk on the same side the other person chose. this also gives my husband much amusement.

    i also make a wish at 11:11 if i catch it.

    i think those are my only quirky things.
  10. damit!! lol! I forgot about the salt thing. I, too, still throw it over my shoulder.
  11. My mother always taught me it's bad luck to kill a spider. (And I'm not afraid of the little ones, anyway. I trap them and let them go.)
  12. I do this too, I don't have kids but I do it with my DH, brother, and mom. I also knock on wood.
  13. i am somewhat superstitious but i can't recall what i'm supertitious about right now?!?! Urgh
  14. when i was young, we are not allowed to sweep the floor at night because we might "sweep away" the good luck.
  15. Hmm, let's see:
    • I don't walk under ladders, but around them.
    • I don't say early b-day wishes.
    • I NEVER sing/listen to xmas songs if it isn't xmas season. My great-grandma always used to say someone will die if you do that and until today that has stuck with me. I really get angry at my SO if he does it too :shame:
    • I don't shake hands across other people shaking hands. Is that just a German superstition or does anybody else know this? :confused1:
    But there are other things that I couldn't care less about :shrugs: Black cats and number 13, for example. If anything, I greet every cats that comes my way (yes, I'm weird, I know :p) and 13 really is just a number to me.

    I have a friend from Italy and she couldn't care less about the 13 because apparantly in Italy it's all about the 17. :idea:

    I think it's so interesting to see how some superstitions vary all over the world, while others are exactly the same.