1. I was in Bloomingdales today and there are some really great new MbMJ bags, but has anyone else noticed that this line of bags keeps getting bigger and BIGGER!!!???!?!
    I mean, these bags are really huge! My sister and I were trying them on and laughing so hard! We looked so funny with these giant bags! What's up with the size of these bags? Even the SA was saying how she just doesn't understand why these bags are so crazy-big. Great style, but jeeeez. I could carry around my dog in one of these bags! I love all the styles, I just wish they were a few inches smaller on the W & H.
  2. These bags are a tad too big for the average person!!!
  3. Yeah! I agree with you!
  4. They make great city and school bags though :smile:

  5. You are right; they would! If I was still a college student, I would be super-stylish carrying one of these giant babies! I would definitely rather have an MbMJ than that ol' backpack I had back in the day!!
  6. I'm guilty of toting one of these MbMJ monsters (turnlock shopper) to school! It fits EVERYTHING, I have to be careful to not load myself down and hurt my back!

    I agree that it's too big as a purse. I never bring mine out for shopping, etc.
  7. i love this new mbmj trend. i've become a big purse girl. even if i'm not carrying a lot of stuff with me, i like knowing that i can put my last minute drugstore purchase, magazines, and anything else i might acquire during my trips to and from school/work. plus my bf is the type that always takes things along with him like a book and then has me carry it for the rest of the trip, so my bag is big enough to carry both of our belongings!
  8. I hate big bags and it bums me out when I fall in love with a style but it's enormous. I hate fishing for things and carrying more than I need.
  9. I have to agree with you on this one. Though I really love big bags, the new MBMJ bags are way too big.
  10. I'm with you on that. :tup:
  11. I'm small, so for me, they are way too big!
  12. Agree! They are HUGE!!!! You can fit a little person in there!
  13. LOL! That's for sure!
    I love all the styles, I just wish they were several inches smaller (on all sides! LOL!!)
    I saw them on and I fell in love with 3 different styles, but was SOOOO SHOCKED when I went to the store in person and saw them! It's kinda funny!
  14. That's how I felt about the Patent Hobo from a couple seasons ago. I LOVED the style so much...and I really tried to make it work for me, but when more than one person told me that I could fit inside of it (5'0) that was a sign that the bag may not work so much...