SuperSize Me Pls

  1. I was wondering...are small bbags just gateway drugs to larger bbags?:confused1: I went from the City to the Work to the Weekender awfully it that we really need more room or just the luscious leather leaves us wanting more? :shrugs: Let's discuss...
  2. Here's the evidence:lol:
    IMG_0671.jpg IMG_0421.jpg IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0470.jpg IMG_0720.JPG
  3. ^^ lol, the answer is "yes!!!" :yes::wlae::p

    p.s. i know because the same thing happened to me
  4. Ha ha, that's so true. I remember when I was contemplating a Sienna Courier vs a PT. It wasn't so much that I really had to have another Courier. It was more about having Sienna in a bag that had lots of luscious leather to fondle.
  5. YES!!!!!!!!

    The only reason why I only have 2 WEs and never carry them is because it's just too big for my frame(I could fold myself in half and I'll fit inside the WE! LOL), so my perfect bag is the Work.
    But if I had been taller(I'm only 5'3"), I'd definitely tote the WE around. More the merrier!!!

    It doesn't look *that* much bigger than the City, but you still have tons of luscious leather draping off your shoulder, and it fits a lot!!!!

    ...Although, I kinda went backwards and bought a First after selling a few:p
  6. ^^ lol, i'm like tooshies & have never even taken my WE out of the house, because it's humongous on me :p...but i'll never give it up because of all that luscious black leather :drool:...once i found miss mint '05 looking for a momma, i knew i had to have it!!!
  7. ^^^OMG!!!! Yum!!! I bet it's GORGEOUS!!!! I can only imagine all that 05 black leather.......lucky you!
  8. c:huh:L... you have almost 1 of each now!!! Now... just need to add a PT, Courier, etc...:p cOngrats!!! Anymore update pic's of Max? ;)
  9. ^^ LOL, you know me, i just can't get enough of those delicious black b-bags!!! :lol:...i wore my WE in our "wearing only your balenciaga" thread :graucho:...and i've got an '06 black courier too, because 1 giant b-bag that i never use wasn't enough!!!
  10. I went from a first to day, I think I skipped a couple of bags :smile: maybe I should go back and catch up! hehe
  11. yes, I remember your Black Sea! I've got one of my own now, except it's a Sea of Steel! I've just ordered Steel #4 today!!!:nuts:
  12. Wow, I love all of your bags! You have great taste! My first bbag is a City and my second will be a Work or Brief so yes you are probably right.
  13. i think the leather is a really good motivator. :p I love a big, smooshy, soft weekender in some nice saturated color like rouge vif or some color in the browns family! Your weekender is gorgeous by the way....what color is that ? Sienna or cognac ?
  14. Oh my gosh, brunette, I think you are right! I started with a first, then purchased a black city, and now I'm really looking towards a Day. I just love my city, but find myself keeping an eye out for an Ink Day. Yikes. I'm just glad I'm not the only one!:p
  15. alllabama - black weekender would be so yummy to have and to hold. Black is the only color I have repeated so far. I'll have to go back and check this out the 'wearing only' thread!

    cracker - you've enabled me with the PT...that will probably be my next 'city' with GGH of course! lol

    tooshies - my favorite size so far is the Work too:yes:! I'm 5'7 (5'10 with heels) and the weekender is huge on me too. But im thinking perfect bag for travel!

    ladybug - your IRL rouge theatre sighting completely enabled me. Gotta have this color. I was thinking I wanted a City, but now I want a Red Work!!!

    Ooogie - no more Max :crybaby:My BF was majorly allergic to the commitment that this pup needs, and I couldn't do it alone (60-80lbs at full size needing 2 hrs exercise per day). The breeder is rehoming him for us:sad: and I'm looking for a Pomeranian to replace him. Downsize the dog, upsize the bag! Hey - a pom will fit in my Weekender and will probably be the same color as Sienna!!!

    afcgirl - thanks, yep supersizing...

    hellosunshine - Sienna:yahoo: Oh and I've never liked brown bags EVER until now!

    Cremebruleee - love my day too! actually that was my first bag, then it was all over the place!