Supernatural Season 6

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  1. So our boys are back this Friday night. Who's ready?
  2. yup, i have my Tivo set to record. just started watching it this summer - thank goodness for TNT repeats - and got hooked!
  3. I'm not thrilled about the move to Friday night.
  4. Me neither. Thats the death day slot.
  5. The new season starts a week from this Friday on September 24.

    TNT is airing a marathon from Season 5 that day.
  6. Yay, I can't wait. Dean & Sam are hot!:P
  7. I'm not either. Oh well, I think this is the last season anyway. Can't wait!
  8. same here. It was supposed to end with season 5 and then they decided to have a 6th season I feel like it's gone to die and would have preferred it ended as the arc intended with season 5 instead of withering on the vine!
  9. That's what I thought too. But all the reviews for the new season are good. And I think the show was just starting to hit it's stride too. Why change the night and time if it's been the same for 5 seasons?
  10. well, i'm glad to hear the reviews are good. I think the logic was to pair it with smallville as I'm assuming they share a similar audience. but smallville is ending :confused1: so trying to rally the audience for the final season? I liked when it was paired with VD (hehe vd) that felt like a good fit. I like Nikita, but not sure about the fit. In any case. I will be in front of my tv on Friday. I got to support the Winchester men! :graucho:
  11. Forgive me, but in my household we did a happy dance that there is another season that we get to see the beautiful eye candy that are Jenzen and Jared.
    Also still do not think that Sam is "Sam". And what is with the very dead grandpaw coming back? I think I am lost and I have watched from day one.
    Anyone else think something is up with Sam and Grandpaw?
  12. i cannot wait till friday!! :yahoo:
  13. I'm listening to some internet radio and AC/DC came on. That always makes me think of the Winchester boys. Did anyone get the soundtrack for SPN that just came out? Or the Season 5 dvd?
  14. I bought the Season 5 DVD the day it was released but don't have the soundtrack yet.