Supernatural fan??

  1. Hey.. any supernatural fan out there?? Gotta say the show is pretty alright..but i got hooked on the show cuz of one of the main leading guys- Jensen Ackles :smile:.. i know its lame.. but in an ideal world, he's gonna be my bf hahaha..anyway here is some pics of him


  2. I have the second season pvr'd ...and yet to watch an episode! I get spooked easily...*blush* but I do love Jensen Ackles! hehe...ever since Days of our Lives...*swoon*
  3. I LOVE supernatural season 2 has just started over here and i cannot wait till every sunday for the new one
  4. I've seen a few episodes. It was at one time one of my daughter's favorite shows (big crush on Jensen). Good show!
  5. I love this show!I watch it every week!
  6. I too :heart: this show! Watch it every week! Keeps my supernatural interest!:graucho: also easy on the eyes..:drool:
  7. I :heart: Supernatural and rarely miss an episode
  8. Love this show-and those boys are a double dose of pretty!
  9. I really love this show!! And obviously Dean is my favoirite character...Here in Italy we saw the first season, but we have to wait for the second until march..*sigh*