Supermodel Gone Wild!

  1. Ultra-sexy Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima got down and dirty in her homeland for Carnival.
    The Victoria's Secret sexpot hammed it up for cameras as she danced and partied the night away in Salvador de Bahia for the annual festival. Her hotness recently dumped billionaire Prince Wenceslas of Lichtenstein for hunkazon Brazilian rocker Danny of Timbalada.

    If you thought Carnival couldn't get any hotter ... it just did!
  2. I wana see Alessandra Ambrosio get crazy LOL

    Even though she dumped the billionaire ... I'm sure the rock star makes some good dough ... not like she doesnt make enough money herself
  3. lol! She sure looks happy! My next trip will be Brazil for Carnival!
  4. I don't know how she is dancing in those shoes!! Everyone deserves to get down and dirty every once and a while. Who is the guy in the first pic, lucky him.
  5. :yes: She is my fave and the prettiest IMO!!!

    Carnival sounds fun!
  6. I might be wrong but isn't she the supermodel that proclaimed to the world that she would be a virgin until she got married?? She looks like she's having a good time there!
  7. Everyone needs time to party and let their hair down... Carnival looks like soo much fun!
  8. She is stunning... glad she is enjoying herself :party:
  9. This Virgin is having too much here.;)
  10. She looks like she's havin a blast :smile:
  11. Yes please!

    Perferably around me ;)
  12. I saw Adriana at the Gucci store in New York City this past December. She was sitting on a couch with a glass of wine and watching a fashion show clip with a Gucci Sales Associate. She saw me looking at her, so she smiled at me. She is just as gorgeous in real life!
  13. She is stunning!
  14. I wanna see Giselle go wild... on Tom Brady. He's SUCH a hottie!!! :drool:
  15. i think she is so gorgeous, after heidi klum she is my second favorite victoria secret model. love her, so cute