SUPERFLEAS...they are not dying


Aug 8, 2006
my old dog has fleas...for the 1st time in years!

i remember before Frontline/Advantage...we constantly battled fleas, but since they came along..i haven't seen any on my dog. infact, i rarely use Frontline...i figured as long as she didn't have fleas, i didn't need to put unnecessary chemicals on her

so she got some fleas, i gave her a bath...i put frontline on her...some died...but she was still infested. the groomer came, shaved her down..i put a little more on her...still nothing.

3 days later she is still scratching, and i found 10-15 on her bottom.

what gives??? do we have superfleas now? are they immune?

i went to Petco, and they said they have no problems with frontline

has anyone had this experience? i feel so bad for my old doggie.


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Aug 8, 2006
We had a really bad flea problem last year. This year it is not nearly as bad. Are you using Frontline Plus? I heard the fleas can build a resistance to it. There is a new flea med you can only get from your vet. Might be worth a try. I would ask your vet about it.
Nov 30, 2008
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There is a pill that you can get from your vet that works great. I cant remember the name right now, but next time I get up I'll check and edit it in. You only use it when you see fleas, so as not to put excess toxins in their body.

The other recommendation I have is to get some food-grade diatomaceous earth. Im not sure who sells it in stores, but there are a bunch of online sites that sell it. Its a "powder" (Its really fine grade crystals) that you sprinkle on your carpeting...leave for a bit and vacuum up. You can also use it on the dogs, its very safe...some people even consume it. Anyway, its supposed to cut the exterior of the fleas when they crawl through it and it kills them. Its the least toxic, most natural form of flea control that many hollistic people use.

Edit to add: The "pill" is called Comfortis and is a chewable tablet actually. I only had to use it once a few months ago and the fleas were gone within hours and havent been back since.

I also make sure to vacuum really well a few times a week during infestation to make sure to suck the buggers up lol
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Mar 3, 2006
Fort Wayne, IN
Try bathing him with Dawn dishsoap. It's an old flea remedy that a girlfriend told me about. I've not had to use it yet because the Frontline has been effective on the boys so far.


Sep 14, 2007
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does frontline do the eggs too? im not sure bc i always use frontline plus. maybe the fleas laid eggs near her bottom?


Jun 1, 2009
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Fleas can be really troubling. Have you washed all textiles the dog comes into contact with? When my pets had fleas (before Frontline) the vet had us treat the dog and wash all the bedding, couch cushion covers, dog toys and bed, etc. at the same time to avoid re-infestation. We even had to shampoo the carpet.

Also, it is possible to overdose on Frontline, so don't exceed the recommended dosage without talking to your vet. I believe overdosing can cause neurological problems in some pets. Good luck!


Feb 5, 2006
I am also having the same problem. My 11 year old sammy has never had fleas but a couple of weeks ago (quite suddenly) she was covered in them especially on her head and ears, I treated her with Advantage and she was sent to the groomers for a bath and brush. 3 weeks later and they are back no where near as bad, but they are again only around her head and ears. I am getting worried as this is really upsetting her and the weather in the U.K. at the moment is so weird it is definitely not helping matters.:confused1::confused1:


Aug 8, 2006
i live in an area that was "flea heaven" until it appears they are coming back stronger. i will look into the comfortis pill, although i don't like the idea of putting chemicals into her old body.

poor thing, i shaved her down to nothing...and i can see them running around on her

our home is primarily wood/tile..only a couple of area rugs, but nothing plush.


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Jan 1, 2010
Please don't use toxins on, or in your pet. There are natural ways to win the battle, but they take a bit more effort. Just like homeopathic approaches, they are safer, but take more time.

We had fleas for the first time in years, and in December! Talk about a super flea! I began giving my dogs a brewers yeast and garlic tablet every day, in addition to a few grains of fresh garlic in their food. I also use an herbal collar called PetGuard. I use Braggs apple cider vinegar (with the mother), and add a teaspoon of that to their food as well. I also use this vinegar, mixed with water (50-50) to spray them down once a day. I don't have to worry about them licking it, and it makes their coat very soft, and has even helped with some itching. They only smell like vinegar for a few minutes. When I bathe the dogs, I use this solution as a final "leave in" rinse.

The key to treating the house is to VACUUM!!! I rub fine table salt into the area rugs, and vacuum it up, the next day. It's safer than any toxic powders, or borax. Wash the dogs beds regularly, and vacuum your upholstery. It seems like a lot of work, but a small task in keeping your pet healthy and drug free.

We followed this regimen, and in a few days the fleas were no more. In the summer, we also treat our yard with a concentrated garlic solution, but stopped spraying as we always do, in November. Next year, we will continue to spray until the first snow.


Mar 5, 2009
I used diatomaceous earth like poster #3 to get rid of flea infestation when we first moved into an apartment but we did not have a dog at the time. We have lovebirds so any chemical mist/fog was out of the question. The DE needs dusted over the carpet and wood floors (we have both), left overnight or for a few days then vacuumed; and repeated for about 2-3 weeks due to the life cycle of the fleas, eggs and larvae.

We have a dog now and we do use a topical flea treatment; we have had better luck with Advantage and Advantix but Frontline was really ineffective for us. I don't consider where we live to be particularly flea-prone, and there are months when I can skip treatment altogether.

I do know of people who use the brewer's yeast and garlic also as flea preventatives. They have been happy with the results but do know that there are risks to the "natural" way as well. Too much garlic over time can be harmful to dogs so it is important to use only enough garlic and not too much.


Feb 4, 2006
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Does anyone have any new brilliant flea remedies? Frontline Plus is not working at all on our dogs. I just switched them to K-9 Advantix, but three days after treatment I am still finding fleas. I am using a citronella shampoo on them, as well. We don't own the place where we are staying now, so we cannot treat the yard (we were told it was treated, but I wonder), and seem to be fighting a losing battle. I wash all the bedding and toys regularly, and I am going to try the salt for the carpets. We also give them brewer's yeast regularly, but I wonder if it is too old and we need a fresh bottle. Any help would be very welcome!
Oct 11, 2007
Give them a Capstar Tablet (available at the vet and also at some supermarkets). This kills adult fleas almost instantly. I live in the sub-tropics and have had lots of trouble with fleas on both dogs and cats, during the wet, warm months.

I was initially worried about an oral flea treatment, but my vet reassured me it was fine. I have been using for years when I have had a bad outbreak (and have even used it on elderly animals) without any side effects. If in doubt, check with your vet. It just helps break the cycle, as the topical treatments really don't help much with adult fleas.

Within half an hour, you will see dying fleas drop off! It only kills fleas that are currently on the animal and will not prevent re-infestation. You can then use your topical treatments like Frontline etc to control hatching of new eggs, and of course you will still need to spray carpets etc, and quite often it will take several weeks to get things under control.

Good luck!


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Feb 1, 2010
I use Comfortis and my parents use it on their three dogs as well. It's not cheap and you need a vet prescription but it works wonders. My babies had superfleas last year and I was having a meltdown over the constant scratching, but fleas were gone within 24 hours.


Jun 4, 2007
you might want to see if your landlord will let you do a flea bomb. especially if you have carpet. those little suckers can hide in lots of places that you normally can't wash easily.