1. Fake bags are getting better and better at looking like the real deal... :Push:

    What happens when there isn't a difference between a fake bag and the real thing?
  2. i guess when their isnt a difference, their would be no point in buying the real bag. i dont understand why they make coach and kate spade fakes when its already decently affordable. ive lost my liking for LV becuase of this. i guess im just sticking to chanel and mulberry. even with burberry, its so easy to just make some tartan and call it the real deal. kind of sad when you think about it. i mean i guess people dont want to spend money on the real thing, but just want the status when it comes with it..but thats not only disrespecting yourself but also the company that worked hard to get where they are today. i rather have some bag that says old navy on it then a fake lv bag anyday.
  3. there always will be a difference.
    It's either the wrong thread, wrong # of stitches, wrong fabrics . . .
    unless the employees are making it in the designers own workroom and selling it on the side, there'll be differences.
  4. Affordable for us, maybe, but not everyone. A bag priced in the lower hundreds is still a couple of hundred dollars too much for some women to pay for a bag. I'm not condoning fakes, just pointing out that what some might consider a lower-priced bag is still out of reach for some people. :hrmm:
  5. There will always be a difference. And I really hope people stop buying fakes, no offense.
  6. As the fakes get better the designers will alter their product to stay (at least) a step ahead.
    Also, some people on these boards who are accustomed to buying LV and Chanel may call Kate Spade and Coach "affordable," but not too long ago $50 was my maximum limit for a handbag, and I doubt I'm alone in the world. It took years of budgeting and saving to get me to the place where I can afford Coach, and I loathe being told that it's low-end and/or cheap.
  7. ^I think it's all relative.

    When you gather up all the 'boutique' labels, they ARE less expensive than LV, Chanel, Balenciage, YSL, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Chloe, Ferragamo . . . .
    they're still 'boutique' designers which is GREAT, but I don't think anyone here is comparing them w/ Wal-Mart store bags.
  8. I feel the same way.. hearing people say Coach/Dooney/Spade bags are affordable makes me cringe. I work hard for my Coach, LoL. One LV would cost me way more then 3 paychecks. :amazed:

    It sucks that the woman standing in front of me in the supermarket is carrying the same bag, and it's fake but the only difference is that my bag has more stiches on it? Oh yeah, and I paid a lot more for it. :hrmm:

    I guess I'm just PMSing, but I've felt like that lately.
  9. kezza, your bags are fabulous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Coach is definitely NOT low end OR cheap!

    ILoveCoach, I would feel like crap if I knowingly carried a fake...I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated about it but know that you're fabulous and all class...I wish I could make you feel better!
  10. I agree, definitely not low-end or cheap ;)
  11. Yeah -- that's the major problem with the counterfeit industry. Sure, it gives someone something that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, but it completely ruins the value of legitimate goods. It hurts the value of the stuff we already own if it looks just like a fake off the street. I've seen people on here complain that they can't buy or sell LV on eBay at all anymore because it's just impossible to tell if you're buying something authentic, what a nightmare for legitimate sellers!
  12. i was in the same boat not too long ago. when i was in college, i saved all my part time job money to buy coach.:biggrin:
    they have great bags..... very durable. i have one that i have had for hm... maybe 5 years. wear it almost everyday, and it is still in very good shape.
  13. My bags are high end (the ones I design under my brand and the ones I design for Vivian Mendal) they are not mass produced. Our profit margins are not high, we just use the finest and most passionate crafts people, the best skins the best hardware, ect. And, because we do such small runs, we don't get a discount for volume. Genuine crocodile and aligator will definitly set you back a few dollars. That has nothing to do with a brand name.

    I, personally, have a lot of bags which are not nearly in the price range of the bags I design. I buy them, because I love them. I think, as long as they aren't counterfeit, then I am ok with it. If you love it, and it costs next to nothing, then that is great!
  14. I also think that there will always be a difference, no matter how slight. And most people that are passionate about some brands (especially LV) can spot a fake a mile away.

    That being said, I think that even if there was a replica that was a spitting image of the real thing, I couldn't in good conscious pay for it.
    I would always know that it's fake, no matter how it fools everyone else.
  15. don't think superfakes would be the same as real ones. The main difference would be workmanship and the material used. If superfakes can carry out the same level of workmanship and use the same materials, these bags would cost a bomb! It is no longer economical for these fakes then.

    that's how i feel.