Superfakes they are scaring me!!

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  1. I am not sure what anyone else thinks but i have heard about super fakes but never really believed it until now i am not real great at authenticating a lv because i am still pretty new i mean i have been at it for 5 years but i don't have very many bags under my belt so can others give me their advice on these bags they really scare me :wtf: Oh and i have blurred out the site i seen them on because i do not advertise where people can get fakes i don't have any and to be truthful i hate even seeing them being carried :cursing:
    blo11111111.jpg m926622222.jpg m9500999999999.jpg
  2. Those are pretty good fakes......:s
  3. Yikes, they scare me too. :sad:
  4. Most of the time. Fake websites take pictures of the authentic bag but sent you the fake one. The ones in the pictures look authentic. No matter how authentic the super fakes look, they will never be perfect. You can tell by the glaze on the bags.. they arn't truly RED.. they're an orangy red and another example is the tag pulls on the speedy or any other tag that has a pull, the bottom side is a light white color instead of a brownish color.
  5. Don't some counterfeit sites post pics of real bags and then send a fake? I think that is pretty common practice.
  6. lets have a moment of silence for authentic lv.

    haha just kiddin, but those are pretty close to the real thing.
  7. there's a thread specifically for posts about fakes in the LV Shopping Forum, please repost there.
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