superfake birkin... as in, so bad can it even be called a fake!

  1. i was walking down the street and spotted what i thought was a red crocodile birkin in the distance. well of course i walked faster so i could catch up to bathe in its glory. when i saw it up close, i wanted to barf :sick: !! it looked like vinyl and had this HUGE Hermes Paris Made in France stamped right on the flap and the e didn't even have the accent on it. i was so embarrased for her! why why why?! or is my nose so high up in the air that i'm suffering unreasonable feelings of contempt from lack of oxygen to the brain?!! *sigh*
  2. I know, sometimes I think we can get so snotty when it comes to labels. When I go to Asia, women carry GUCHI bags all day long and don't care. And then I think, if they don't care, why should I? Who am I to judge them?

    What I don't understand is why do knock offs NEED to write the label on there? Can't they just knock it off without attaching the name?

    I don't have a problem with fakes, (I figure there is a reason that person bought it: more affordable, or they just like the way it looks) but I hate when it is intentionally trying to say it is authentic! Like on Ebay and such.

    It is such a shame.....
  3. too funny...:P
  4. Where there is a desirable product there will be a knock off...
  5. I was on a bus tour in Europe with a bunch of people, among them a young lady who clutched her " " Birkin " " to her chest everywhere we went. I had a HUGE *embossed* Hermes made in Paris logo on the flap.
    Nasty! I'm with you dogbiskit on this one. WHY?