Supercatalogue question: is this etoupe?

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  1. Page 61, bag in the middle of the page, is this really Etoupe? It looks beautifully beige-y, could it be the flash or is this some other colour? If it's Etoupe, in which leather does it appear this beige-y? TIA:flowers: (off to drool some more, I love this catalogue).
  2. Polaremil can you post a pic?
  3. Sorry, not yet at least, I'm almost sure our scanner isn't working properly, I'll have to consult DH tonight.
  4. Just reading it myself at the moment - looks biscuitish??! Saw a lindy in a that was biscuit/swift that looks similar. Sorry - I am scannerless.
  5. Could be biscuit, I'll have to go and check out AAN's biscuit Birkin. Thanks.
  6. the Japanese translation says it is a Swift Etoupe...
  7. Okay thanks, jeanhsiung, have to see it IRL, looks very beautiful in the mag.