Superbowl Sunday Shopping Pics!

  1. Hi everyone~
    So NOT into Superbowl Sunday except today was the day my sis and I decided to go to a Coach boutique! Got some things I've been eyeing for a while now.....check 'em out! (Won't do the whole strip-tease thing this time!):p I LOVE the bag and the wallet is so chic! Got the red butterfly for a pop of color!
    Copy of DSCN0594.jpg Copy of DSCN0595.jpg Copy of DSCN0596.jpg Copy of DSCN0597.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I have that same wallet and I LOVE it!!!! :love: Congrats! :tup:
  3. Wow - they are lovely! You got that awesome wallet, too! You have great taste and I am sure they will look wonderful on you!!
  4. your new purse and wallet are adorable.. post some modeling pics if you can?
  5. Great set......congrats!!
  6. Very nice!
  7. I announce you the winner of Superbowl XLII!! That is one chic look! Beautiful!!!
  8. Oh wow, I love your new purse and wallet, congrats!
  9. DD and I giggled about this while we were browsing at the Coach Outlet this afternoon. We wondered if today was a big shopping day since all the ladies would be shopping during the game.
  10. What a wonderful set!!! Congrats
  11. Since I know how to post pics are some more!
    The first is my gold Carly I took with me to the boutique and my new gold Agenda...and the wristlet I got from an outlet. And the second is my small, but growing, collection.
    Copy of DSCN0599.jpg Copy of DSCN0600.jpg
  12. GOrgeous new buys!!!! Now THAT'S the kinda win I'm talking about!!!!
  13. Very Nice!!! You've got GREAT taste!!
  14. Love your Bleekers! Great choices.:tup:
  15. Ooh, gorgeous set! I have the same bag and I love, love, LOVE it!