Superbowl Parties: What are you wearing?

  1. I know this is a little late, but I was just wondering what everyone is wearing to their Superbowl festivities tomorrow. I don't even know who's playing-- I just plan on eating all day lol. So I have no idea what I'm wearing, but it will clearly be something comfy :lol:

    What about you guys? :heart:
  2. I will be on a plane to Arizona tomorrow (not for the Super my little Army school). I've got an outfit pulled out to put on (leaving at 5 am...ew): 7FAM dojo jeans indigo wash, my new bronze reef flip flops and new ezekiel wallpaper print hoodie, hot pink bubble tee over a white tank top.
  3. Your outfit sounds adorable! :flowers:

    I LOVE the way dojos look on everyone else, but they look like utter poo on me :push:
  4. ^Why? I mean I have big old hips and thighs. I can't wear the narrower cut jeans :push: It makes me sad.
  5. I will be in jeans and a short sleeved Juicy hoodie...and will try not to spill salsa or beer on them at my friend's house. No guarantees, however. hehehe.
  6. ^ LOL! I spill when I'm drinking, so that's a concern for me too. I still have NO clue what I'm going to wear :shrugs:

    Candace-- IDK why, they just look AWFUL on me and they're always too small. A-pockets fit me the best-- I have 4 or 5 pairs of them...
  7. I figure every girl at the party today will have on her skinnies and sexy boots. So today I'm going with the ski bunny look. On the bottom I'll be wearing Under Armour black compression tights tucked into my Ulu furry apres' ski boots. On top I'll have on a turquoise turtleneck fleece with a white ski vest with furry hood. I'll definitely be toasty.

    The white vest comes off when the hot wings come out!
  8. Lilly Pulitzer hot pink knee length skirt with a white wrap around sleeveless top, pink wedges. Hate super bowl. Only watching the commercials, and snacking on what I cook.
  9. Everyone's outfits sound super cute so far! :yes:

    I think I might just wear some Juicy. That's what I wore last year and it got a nod of approval from the men for looking "comfy" lol. These are all people I know very well, so I have no one to impress :p
  10. Jeans and shirt. No Pats or Giants paraphernalia. I hate them both. Only there for the company of friends, food and the booze :p
  11. Hmm I'm going to a family friendly party. That means I'll be chasing after my toddler. I'm thinking jeans, hot pink 3/4 sleeve J Crew top and some sort of flats. I honestly could care less about the football....but I do like the eating part. Ha ha! And maybe a little wine:smile:
  12. Fitted tee and jeans..and flip flops (it's weirdly warm today)
  13. Black PINK sweats, black Classic Tall Uggs, black Henley long sleeve shirt :smile:
  14. I am actually working today (the door at a super bowl party) I have Navy blue tights. The Paul and Joe for target Denim skirt. (with owls on the back pockets) A retro NY giants shirt. and red pumps. trying to keep it cute and casual but sorta dressed up cause i am working
  15. post pics of outfits! Not watching the superbowl, but I am going to a show, perhaps I'll post the outfit if it's not something lame haha.