Superbowl food ideas

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  1. So we watch w/friends and family...although most of us get together for food and commercials

    I usually put together nachos. I have chili from the day or two before. So I take tortilla chips, put chili on top, put a little salsa, green onions, and cheese, put in the oven for 10 mins....then put a dollop of sour cream on top

    Any other good superbowl food ideas? I might want to try something new this year, or make something else in addition to nachos
  2. What about mini burgers and hot wings?
  3. Rotel and velvetta cheese! Best warm spicy cheese dip ever!
  4. We always have sausage + peppers or meatballs in a crockpot with rolls and other fixings so people can make their own sandwiches. There's usually a veggie tray, chips and dips, etc. Sometimes we order pizza later in the night...
  5. ^^ I agree, Lil smokies are always a huge hit at parties.

    If you didn't want to do nachos, how about a 7 layer dip served with either tortilla chips or pita; would be a slightly different twist on what you normally make... or maybe some spinach dip with sourdough bread?
  6. Quesadillas would be nice with the nachos. I generally mix cooked chicken, shredded cheese, finely chopped red chili, sliced red onion and fresh cilantro, place between two tortillas, fry the whole thing in a dry pan (some like to use butter or oil though), and then cut into slices. Really yummy and perfect finger-food. :smile: It's especially good served with guacamole.
  7. ^ Quesadillas are a good idea! You can even make a bunch at once and keep warm in the oven.

    Homemade guacamole and other dips are a good too, like spinach artichoke dip.

    I'm not a football fan at all and don't do Superbowl stuff, but some of these food suggestions sound really good!
  8. I make those little ham roll-ups; they're so easy to make and everybody likes them!
    Just get the large flour tortillas, spread with cream cheese and layer deli ham over the cream cheese. Roll up tightly, cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 2 hours. Slice about 1 inch thick. Voila! You can mix spices/herbs with the cream cheese too.

    Also, if you have access to pepper jelly you can add that to a block of soft cream cheese and it makes a really delicious spread. Serve with crackers, chips & veggies.
  9. I make an appetizer that is so easy. I'm not sure where my mother got the recipe, but I always take it when I have to make something for a party.

    You take one 8 ounce brick of cream cheese, 1 small can of tuna drained (I think it's 6 ounces), and mix them together and form a ball. Get chopped walnuts, and roll the ball in it. Serve with crackers. And trust me, it tastes great. Everyone I have introduced it to loves it.
  10. How about something lighter, like shrimp with a couple types of dip?

    Or something typical:
    Spanakopita w/ puff pastry
    sw egg rolls!!
    potato skins
    homemade pretzels
    fried zucchini/veggies
    stuffed shrooms
  11. This sounds interesting- I bet it would be good too if you added chili powder and cumin to the mixture. Kind of a spicy/smoky dip.
  12. mini calzones too!

  13. That's what I'm making! :tup:
  14. Great ideas everyone.

    I also love caprese salad bites too! Hollow out cherry tomatoes, cube mozzarella and place it in the hollow add some basil and a dizzle of olive oil...Yum :smile:

    Also love shrimp dip, I mix it up all the time. One can of shrimp, drained. Mix in to one container of sour cream, a tablespoon of mayo, salt & pepper...add in what ever you like...I usually add a couple stalks of chopped celery and some chopped onion or green onion, sometimes carrot. I also love cilantro, so that goes in or parsley. For spices, usually some garlic or ms. dash.
  15. oh yum yum!!! pigs in a blanket? deviled eggs?