Superbaby- ?

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  1. Is your color paddington from spring 2006 and is it called "cream" .
  2. Ivory - Spring 06 collection. :lol:
  3. They told me for spring the color was cream and that is what they are sending me, its off white. I have no idea what color this is now.
  4. you'll find out soon enough, it'll say the color on the tag...
  5. I can not find a pic of "cream" so I am nervous as to what color I am getting, if anyone can find a pic of a CREAM please post. The woman said cream was for spring 2006, I was picturign the color at NM online that they had but that was actually winter season(chalk color).
  6. The color on the NM website looks really really white coz of the lighting. In real life, its not that bright white white color.

    I got mine from NM. so i think it should be the same. I am pretty sure yours is going to be the same color as mine. if you dont like my color, then i dont think you should get it. But no worries. I am sure you'll like it.
  7. I am getting mine from Chloe NY. Yes the NM site did make it look lighter, but as I said that one they had was actually spring, I just thought that because it was a pre order, actually it was winter and they are just getting that shipment now. Who knows, but yes I do love your color.
  8. Madeline, this bag in it's design will make any Ivory shade look more creamy because of the antiqued hardware.