SuperBaby- or others with ivory Chloe

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  1. Is your ivory bag ( I have seen the pics of Superbaby's on another post) the same color as the one that will be for spring and the one on NM website. The lighting looks bright on the site so I feel I cant get an actual color image. Can someone tell me if the ivory shades are the same for spring.
  2. Yup. Mine is the spring collection. :amuse:
    Got it from NM
  3. Okay great yours it so pretty!!! Are you happy with it? Are you very careful, are you worried about hurting it?
  4. I get compliments everywhere but i totally want the antracite now. :cry:

    I paid premium for it from NM.. so its kinda hard for me to sell it as no one wants to pay above retail price for it.

    I paid $1700 by the way.. about $150 more than retail.
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