Super Worried

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  1. Okay, just got my doc to tell me that I am pregnant. For about 8 weeks I used skincare products, body wash, and haircare products that contained retinyl/vitamin A and some with salicylic acid, bha, hydrocortisone,...all the bad stuff that should be avoided. I've only been taking folic acid for about 4 weeks. Now, I'm worried that I've harmed my unborn baby that's supposedly growing in me. I hear that doing this in the first trimester is the worst!

    Has anybody ever experienced this?
  2. I haven't experienced this, but given that unplanned pregnancies happen ALL THE TIME, I would guess that there is a VERY good chance that you are absolutely fine. All you can do right now is stop using all the skin stuff and keep taking your prenatals and just wait and see what happens. I wouldn't worry yourself too much over it.
  3. Here is an online article that addresses retinol and salicylic acid:

    It says that there is evidence that taking these orally can be harmful, but no evidence that using skin creams is harmful. I think it is mostly a "best practices" thing to not use them (better safe than sorry), and it is VERY unlikely you've caused any harm unless you've been slathering large amounts of creams on yourself.
  4. I agree that there are so many unplanned pregnancies where women have engaged in questionable practices for a pregnancy (drinking, smoking, using skin or hair care products that aren't recommended, etc.) and most of them turn out just fine. As long as you are taking prenatals and have stopped using those products now, I would not worry. The odds are that your baby will be just fine.
  5. I was using a product that I didn't realize had salicylic acid in it for about the first 12-14 weeks and then discontinued use after I realized it had it in there. (And my doctor never even mentioned not using it to me, I just happened to catch that info on baby center.) Baby is doing fine according to all of the ultrasounds... I think if you can discontinue use of certain things after you know, but I wouldn't stress if you've been using these things in moderation.
  6. i had oral surgery w/ anesthesiology and had a few fun drunken nights out with the girls...all the while i was harm no foul. my son is almost 8 and is in perfect health :biggrin:
  7. I know every pregnancy is different but wanted you to hear about mine to help lessen some of the guilt you feel right now. I found out I was pg at 26 weeks! In those 26 weeks time before I found out I was pg, I drank alcohol, coffee, colored my hair, ate horribly, used diet pills, dieted, drank soda, worked in a glass studio (melting glass and metals and other potentially toxic fumes) etc. And finding out at the 26 week mark meant I was too far along to do amnio or any other tests to find out about birth defects and such. People would ask "aren't you worried"...well, yes, of course, but what can I do...I can't turn back time and start over. All I could do was take care of myself from that point on and hope for the best. My now 7 month old daughter is healthy and strong and a darling little cherub. As far as I can tell, none of those things affected her. Now I know your question is more specific about your skincare but the point I am trying to make is instead of worrying about what you may have done wrong in the first 8 weeks, just focus on what you can do right for the remainder of the pregnancy. Don't let guilt take away from taking care of that tiny peanut of yours.
  8. I have been using Bio oil to avoid stretch mark does anyone know if it's safe?

    Jube, unless you have been using drugs or drinking heavily I think you will be fine. Don't worry. Just take good care of yourself from now on and you will be just fine.
  9. Relax! I'm sure you're fine. Yes, those things can be harmful during pregnancy, but typically they are just general precautionary rules.
  10. While I have heard that first few weeks are the most critical, I have also heard that nature knows that you're (obviously!) least likely to know early on, so the babies would be less affected at that early stage. Who knows which is right? I wouldn't worry about it at all, though. I was using retinol on my face when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd, and she's fine. Stubborn as all get out, but I don't think the retinol has anything to do with that!!:biggrin:
  11. Wow, thanks ladies! This makes me feel much better!

    I was wondering then, what skincare brand do you recommend? And does anybody know if coenzyme q10 or ubiquinone is okay to use while pregnant?

    It's great to know there's so much support here. :smile:
  12. Bio is is fine and super for stretch marks :smile:
  13. I took a prescription drug (provera) to start a period after a failed cycle of clomid. I took the medication as directed and you are specifically NOT supposed to take it if you are pregnant. I had taken a pregnancy test the day I started provera as an added precaution, but from an ultrasound on day 15 of my cycle I knew that I didn't have any follicles that should not have ovulated. Well, guess what? I was pregnant. I freaked out for awhile over it, although the doctors never told me that it was something to worry over. I think that the nature of pregnancy is to worry. My baby looked perfect at ultrasound. Hope for the best, and I am sure you will stop worrying about this worry once a NEW worry comes along. At least, that is how it has been for me - LOL! I just try to remind myself that I am going to have this child's WHOLE life to worry about them too. So, I should save some of my worrying for the future.:biggrin:
  14. I think I switched to alpha hydroxy acids from retinol when I got pregnant. I can't for the life of me recall what exactly it was, but it worked well.
  15. don't worry, it's fine. nothing you mention is going to cause any problems.