Super Wallis Mary Jane

  1. Anyone know if I can find these anywhere? Is eBay my only hope?

    I'm looking for a great Mary Jane and those are the closest I can find.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't know about availability. I can say, however, that this is a great shoe because it is really comfy, makes me tall, surprisingly stylish, and works with a number of outfits. I have the tan suede ones, and I wear them with lots of different outfits from the early fall into the dead of winter. Lastly, while I thought they would be a shoe that would make men ask "is she wearing those because they are stylish?" shoe, I have actually gotten lots of male compliments.

    Mine were bought on eBay last fall..
  3. You can try calling the stores in New York or LA. I actually like the plain Wallis better but I don't know if they still make those.
  4. It's my dream shoe. I'm contemplating making a special order for them.
  5. I went to the CL in Bev Hills but they only had a size 35.5 in the gunmetel color:sad: But I did find the "eventa" mary jane in blk patent and I'm very very happy. It's almost the same shoe but the strap is a little higher. It's wotrh investigating:yes:
  6. Do you have a picture of those? Do they come in regular leather?