Super thick tights/leggings with feet?

  1. It gets really really cold where I live and I need to find some leggings that have feet. I guess that means they're not leggings, but super thick tights. I read somewhere that that was the definition of leggings: footless stockings. I'm rambling... but please please help me find these! I'm desperate! What I'm looking for is more along the lines of cloth as opposed to nylon. I already have a pair of DKNY tights which are the thickest and most durable tights I have ever owned. But I need something thicker and warmer.

    I also have another random question: what's the difference between stockings and tights?
  2. I found a nice thick pair at forever 21 :yes:
  3. i saw quite a few at tjmaxx
  4. For me the difference is stockings are thinner than tights.

    Will you be wearing these underneath pants? I mean, will they be showing? If not, then have you tried thermal underwear?
  5. I'll be wearing them with dresses so you'll be able to see them. That's why I can't wear thermal underwear. I was just thinking that it would be so wonderful if they made leggings that covered your feet too. I have the warmest pair of leggings from American Eagle that I just love. I want to be able to wear peep-toe shoes and still be warm.

    I'm gonna have to check out Forever 21 tomorrow. I'll probably also check out Macy's to see if they have any super thick tights.

    Thanks gals!
  6. jcrew makes good tight/legging with feet. i find they don't run as much as other brands. good luck! :tup:
  7. Wolford makes grt ones, they have them both in wool and in cashmere although the later are very expensive. You can find them online if you do a search, several stores carry them (ie: Neimans, bergdorf, etc...) or you could call the store nearest you and ask the sales rep and have them shipped. They are super warm and very resilient. I own several pairs and LOVE them!!
    to see styles:
  8. One tip that is worth trying when one needs thick tights: wear two pairs on top of each other! For example, if one wears two pairs of opaque 40den or 60den tights, they are really warm and thick combined.

    Another option is to buy cotton or wool tights - I have bought several from H&M. And if it gets REALLY cold, one can combine nylon opaque tights with those one, too. For example, last winter I wore grey wool lace tights on top of fuchsia-coloured 40den opaque tights. The effect of fuchsia peeking through grey wool lace was really nice...
  9. spanx has really thick tights as well
  10. OMG! That is so brilliant! Why didn't I think of that?! I'm going to J.Crew tomorrow and I'm gonna buy some of their super tight leggings with feet/tights AND buy some opaque colored tights online and layer them with black for a more subtle color.

    Thanks for the great suggestions girls!