super sweet reveal **~my first H bag~**


Apr 14, 2006
a birkin?
both of you are right :smile:

presenting my first birkin, tosca epsom/rose tyrien chevre 25 cm

it seems fate led me to her... i was visiting nyc in hopes of doing some sale and regular shopping. i found NOTHING! i even had a disappointing/frustrating experience with my hermes SA. hated dealing with all the crowds too. my bf and i decided to go to philadelphia on the way back (basically for my bf's fave restaurant ever LOL) and so i visited the KOP store. in the window, i saw her. i almost didn't even ask if she was for sale since H is notorious for having the bags already sold or not for sale. the SA had just put her out. i can't believe i got soooo lucky! i wanted a bright colored kelly/birkin and wanted a bi-color bag. ideally i wouldn't have gotten epsom and gotten a 30cm but i will take what i can get and it seemed like the stars aligned to get her, LOL:lol:. 25cm is such a cute size!