Super Stain Fighting Duo

  1. Hi everyone, I thought I would share a great discovery I made this afternoon (at least it was great imho:p)...

    You know those tough-to-remove dirt stains on the piping of the Toki bags? Well, I finally found a way to remove them.

    I had tried Tide Pen and Magic Eraser by themselves with only minimal success. This afternoon I was trying to clean the piping of the OP Angioletto I bought on Shoptokidoki and I tried rubbing a dab of Shout with a clean terry cloth over the piping, then I used Magic Eraser right over the Shout and rubbed vigorously for a few minutes, then dusted off with another clean towel and let it fully dry. And it REALLY worked well! The piping looks nearly brand-spankin' new again.

    Anyway, wanted to share this with everyone in case anyone else has been trying to get stubborn dirt stains off the piping or other sections of their Toki bags. It worked wonders for me today!:tup:
  2. O:huh:Oh good job! show us pics! i want to see the fantastic job u did cleaning! :biggrin:
  3. Is that the same Shout that danielys(?) was talking about? the one in the blue bottle?
  4. What do you mean by piping?
  5. No, it's just regular Shout gel.

    The fabric piping that runs along the edges of most of the Toki bags.
  6. Here they be:

    DSC03587.jpg DSC03588.jpg
  7. angelic - that is really interesting... so does the shout by itself help much? I have a whole bottle of it at home and want to try it out now... I was always afraid to use it bc I can't really 'wash' it out...
  8. It definitely helps on its own. Better than the Tide Pen. Just a small drop of the gel and I used a clean terry rag to rub for a few secs, then I followed up with Magic Eraser and it really whitened it up. I then buffed it with another clean towel and let it dry for a couple mins.
  9. Very interesting...thanks for the tip!! :tup:
    So you used the Shout gel and not the spray, is that right? :confused1:

    Your angioletto is adorable!! :love::love::love:
  10. Yes, I used the gel, but just a very small amount.

    Thanks! I :heart::heart::heart: it too!!!
  11. I always combine Shout with Magic Eraser and they really works magic. For better and easier stain removal, steam the piping first but becareful not to burn yourself ...

    Btw, your angioletto is so pretty! Always love the OP ..
  12. I never thought about steam, but that's a good idea. :idea: Glad someone else has found this cleaning duo useful.