Super Splendid, Spectactular NEWS about the SAC Flanerie! MP responded!

  1. I am soooo happy. I just recieved the following email from mypoupette:

    Hi Denise. This Sac Flanerie appears to be authentic. If you win, be sure to
    pay by credit card or PayPal so you can file a dispute in case something
    goes wrong. Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

    Donna, Customer Support

    I guess I can breathe a bit easier now...:yahoo: :party:

    I think once I recieve it...I'll send it to MYPOUPETTE just to be doubly sure and have them write a letter of authenticity, just incase I decide its not for me down the road.

    Thanks everyone for being such great supporters..and therapists through this!!
  2. So happy for you!
  3. good for you! :smile:
  4. congrats
  5. Congrats.
  6. Congrats! I am sure that will ease your mind :smile:
  7. Yay for you! I myself want a Sac Flanerie GM :love:
  8. That is a wonderful news, congrats :smile:
  9. so happy to hear that. phew!
  10. Thats' great news..congrats..
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats!
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