Super soft Bubblegum Pink Hobo/Day on eBay - $899

  1. such a beautiful bag and in a fun summery color too! thanks for the heads up, Beverly!
  2. WOW ... thank you Beverly for letting us know :P :wlae: :yahoo:
  3. I have the same bag and I love it!!!
  4. Drool. I'm sitting waiting by the mailbox for my lovely 05 Red Hobo to come.... :love:
  5. wow, the leather looks sooooo smoochy.
  6. mmmmmmmmmmm, it's so soft & smooshy, i just wanna eat it up :P
  7. I agree the leather looks divine....sooo buttery soft.
  8. That would be such a cute summer bag!! Old leather....yummmm....:love:
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