Super smooth tootsies!!!

  1. Just wanted to let you guys know, about a fabulous product I just started using.....although I get pedicures once a week, my heels have been in terrible shape this summer:sad: ...dry and cracked (probably from wearing flip-flops), and it really bothered me. I have used a few different things....Miracle Foot Cream, Dr. Scholl's, even Vaseline...but nothing has ever really worked. I bought a cream called Lamisilk at Target (it comes in a purple tub), and within a few days, could see the has been 3 weeks, and I have perfect feet:smile: . Just thought some of you out there may have the same problem, and want the name of something that really works.
  2. Thanks! I've seen that product but never tried I will! I am obsessed with having beautiful feet:blush:
  3. ohhh i need to get this! my feet are in bad shape thanks to flip flops too! thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks! I have TERRIBLE feet! The woman who does my pedicures sold me this orly foot file/buffer thats the best I've ever used (and told me to use it dry..that salons HAVE to soak your feet but it works better dry).....but a CREAM is always a big help too! I just bought a paraffin bath too so I could do that weekly in an effort to keep my feet better!
  5. i'd need feet are ok during summer months, but during winter months they're horrible.
  6. I am so happy with my feet right now...because they are perfectly soft!! I have NEVER used anything that worked this just rub it on at night...and walaa...soft feet!!