Super Rude to Servers!!

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  1. I just can't believe how some people are so very rude to servers at restaurants. Embarassingly, this is one of my friends. The other night, a bunch of us were eating dinner out and the server comes around to ask him if he needs a glass for the beer. He doesn't even look at the server and ,without smiling, says very rudely "yea, I need one". Later on, he tells the waiter , again without looking at him or even smiling, "I need a spoon". He says it like an order to a slave. No please, no thank you, no nothing. Funny thing is, he just got a new gf and she does the same freaking thing. When the server was going around the table to take the orders, she just said "I'm not ready" in a really bossy way without even glancing up from the menu. Then, when she's ready, she loudly declares "Uh...I'm ready!" when he's in the middle of taking someone else's order. I know this doesnt sound (read?) so rude but it really really is.

    I've asked my other friends about this and its unanimous that he is super rude. It's soooo embarassing. Somebody's mentioned this to him before and he flat out has no idea what he's doing and denies it. GAAAAHH :mad: It's weird, he's a really nice guy in all other ways except with servers.

    Do you know ppl like this? How did you deal? And yea, that couple is a match made in heaven, huh?
  2. I do now what it is like, i hate when people are very rude to people.
  3. hate those folks. it's so NOT hard to be respectful to people.
  4. I agree on so many levels. Match made in heaven? Yes. Similar attitudes toward server? Yes. Rude? Yes. Smart? NO!!!! Afterall, they're the ones serving you the FOOD. Do you want the extra "spices" on your food?

    I'd honestly say NO THANKS to eating out with that couple. I don't want MY food to be messed around with because of the couple's rudeness. :\
  5. Ever seen the movie "Waiting" ????? Yep, that sh*t probably happened to their food and beverages!!!!
  6. Wow, that isn't cool at all. You shouldn't be rude in general but especially to people giving you food. Food that they could have done something to!!! This girl sounds rude in general...interrupting someone else just because she's ready? Good lord.
  7. I'm happy to say that all of my friends have excellent manners, I'm probably the slob of the bunch ! Servers are people too.. poor, poor servers !
  8. it's so odd that he doesn't even know what he's doing tho......i hate when i see ppl being rude to servers, they're just ppl doing their jobs like everyone else.....just cuz their job is to "serve" you doesn't entitle you to treat them like servants (although i've encountered some pretty nasty servers)
  9. If it was my friend well...I'm can be pretty to the point with my friends, so I'd simply say "why are you being an ass?"

    I'm ready to make probably a horrible generalization..however... I'm from Canada, and everyone I know there says there please and thank-you's with smiles on their faces to wait staff. Now that I'm down south, I find nobody says please, or thank you at all! when I first got here I found it embarassing, now I've gotten used to it, but it doesn't matter who I'm with...parents, friends, whoever...its all the same, and I find myself being extra nice to the server. Not only that but when they come over to ask how the meal is...I'm the only one to speak up and say 'wonderful' or whatever. Its annoying. And what's up with "sweet tea" its freakin Ice Tea!!! lol rant over.
  10. Not only is it rude, it's stupid!!!

    They're the exact kind of people that will find unmentionables in their food!:sick:

    NEVER be rude to people that have access to your food!:lol: :lol:
  11. GRRRRR that kind of thing makes me mad.

    My mother always said you can tell a person's true class by how they treat people in the service industry.
  12. NO! I've never seen it... what happens? My other friend is a server and he swears up and down that no matter how rude somebody is they would never ever put anything 'extra' on someone's food.
  13. WOW, I CA'T BELIEVE THAT!! I thought people were nice in Tx until I moved to TN {Franklin/Brentwood area} teh people there were so friendly it freaked me out! LOL!
    Like when I walked in to Publix, the checkers would stop and turn around and make eye contact and ask "how you doin' sugah?"
    I'm not kidding! I can't believe you're in TN and think people are rude!:amazed:
    Sweet tea is sugared Tea, not Iced Tea. Iced Tea isn't sweet, that's a normal thing, all over the South.
  14. I hate people that are rude like that. I remember once in TJMaxx when I was rumaging for good deals on bags, I passed by the jewelry section and this lady was yelling at the sales associate cause the SA keep on trying to get the wrong thing for her. She's pointing at it and saying stuff in a real demeaning way. I almost said something really mean and *****y to her. There are like 50 earrings there side by side and it's a higher display case so it's not like the SAs stupid or doing it on purpose. She's saying stuff like "Can't you see? That one by the, not that pink....the chandelier ones.....are you listening to me? You're not listening to me because if you are you would have gotten it two minutes ago."
  15. No-no, don't get me wrong! people here are super friendly and nice in general. But nobody says please or thank you in restaurants. Everyone here has their southern charm going on...I think its funny to hear some of the older women calling me "baby" course these are usually the same ladies who like to point out they are racist, something else I've never witnessed before, but that's another topic.:weird: Anyhoo, again, everyone here has been very pleasant, but they forget their manners when out for dinner.