Super rare Patent/Linen City only released in Asia

  1. That's an interesting bbag. Is that white hardware it has?
  2. It certainly is an interesting bag.. but I don't care for it :s
  3. this sellers items are very overpriced. a black city for $ 1,995??
  4. ya, i saw that too, ridiculous price! what is she thinking???
  5. I know! I've never understood why people buy things from her. Most of her prices are outrageous! I understand why the price would be high if it's a sold out bag, but she lists bags that are currently available on and other places and lists them for $400 - $1000 above retail prices! Why would people buy them? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  6. Indeed her other bags seem to be overpriced!
    However, this beauty is NOT!!!!

    Good luck!!!! Someone should contact the seller quick!!
  7.'s not my cup of tea but I can see it on someone else more stylish then I. :beach:
  8. She put that this linen bag is from 2002. Is it really?
  9. I believe the linen bags are from F/W 2003.
  10. I don't like it, but hey, more power to those who can pull it off.
  11. I think it's a cool bag, but not liking the cream/grey color combo. It doesn't really coordinate. I've seen it where the patent leather is dark green or black and those looked sharp.
  12. hey, that hardware looks neat!
  13. No one's going for this? :shrugs: :P It's ending soon...
  14. actually, Corinne, the seller is one of the nicest most reliable sellers on ebay. I have bought several Chloe items from her, mostly hard to get items, and I would buy from her in a second without any hesitation. If I want it bad enough, and with her stellar reputation, I would buy it regardless of the price.