Super Quick Mini Pochette?

  1. Will my monstrosity of keys fit? I'm 95% sure they wont fit in either the normal damier cles or the larger vernis pouch

  2. Yes i think it will altho it might bulge ..
  3. What about the regular size pochette???? I think they would fit in that!!!!
  4. I also want some slg in a vernis, either pomme or amarante, trying to think of a good reason. My wish list keeps growing and growing but my money tree wont!
  5. Yea, I keep forgetting to water my money tree. Either that or someone always comes to steal it in the middle of the night. :shrugs:
  6. They will fit.
  7. If you harvest your money tree more often than recommended, it will stunt its growth. LOL!
  8. Are you close to a store? Just go in there and check if they do.
  9. I think it will as the mini pouchette is very roomy
  10. It will fit. I can put an iPhone and ZCP in it. Keys are not problem. It is not that small at all.
  11. These will fit in a mini pochette.
  12. I never put my keys inside - just let them hang off the outside like a keychain and use the inside for cards and bills.