Super long nails???

  1. I was at my daughter class the other day and noticed a mother with the longest fake nails I have ever seen in my life. I mean in your face nails. I thought to myself-how can you do anything???? I thought getting dressed must be hard.
    Then I saw she had a baby and though how does one cange the diaper with those. I want to get gel nails after I am done decorating-need to remove a lot of wallpaper but will keep mine short.

    Any thoughts on nails?
  2. I like to keep my nails short.
  3. I keep my nails short, i think it is clean more classic look.
    My mother told me my natural body should not compete with
    the clothes i wear.
  4. I like gel nails but sometimes they look really fake, esp the longest. I prefer keeping my nails natural and short.
  5. I think those obnoxiously long nails are so creepy. I once had a waitress who had these kind of nails and I didn’t understand how she could work!
  6. I don't like super long nails. Even when I had acrylic pink and whites, I kept them somewhat short. I don't wear acrylics anymore, and my real nails are short, barely past my fingertips. I just get regular manicures to keep them looking nice.
  7. :blink: No offense to anyone, but I agree. It's cartoonish. Especially when they're painted with landscapes and whatnot! :lol:

    I like mine shorter, but not stubbed. Mine break all the time. I may go back to acrylics one of these days, I just hate sitting for an hour!
  8. i like my nails medium length, when the get too long they start breaking and spiltting.
  9. i don't like fake nails at all :-/. they just seem a little stripper-y to me, although i did have them at one time. to each their own, though!
  10. Long nails are a little porn-starish to me!
  11. I keep my nails as short as possible. Long nails gross me out for some reason. I feel like what kind of germs/bacteria could be festering under those long nails. :sick:
  12. Everyone has a preference...but it is not mine
  13. I prefer short/sport length. I personally think any longer is tacky.
  14. My nails don't grow without breaking or splitting, so I just keep them short and try to keep the cuticles from getting too bad. I used to have the pink and white acryllics a few years ago (not long, just beyond the tips of my fingers). I loved how they looked but got tired of the maintenance, and was having trouble finding a nail tech who did them how I liked.

    I think super-long nails look tacky.
  15. Natural, medium length, nicely shaped and with a light colored ( I use Essie's Marshmellow or Nude Beach) polish - that's my description of perfect nails. When I see those long dagger like nails, I think "hooker". I know that sounds sterotypical but lets face it.