Super Limited Men's Sneaker

  1. I got a call from my SA earlier this week about a super limited men's sneaker and decided to check it out when I picked up my luggage tags from hot stamping today.

    The sneaker was pretty cool--its a low profile deck style lace up made out of white water snake. The water snake leather has this really fine metallic silver glitter treatment and on the side of the shoe is "Louis Vuitton" embroidered in gold script. On the back of the heal it says "Miami" in the same gold script.

    Limited to 30 pairs and $1080.

    I almost reserved a pair to pick up at the release party tomorrow, but then i thought "Am I getting these because I love them? Or am I getting these because theyre exclusive and LV?" -- I realized it was the latter, so i decided to pass.

    Sorry no pics! Im not sure I was even supposed to see the shoe before tomorrow!
  2. Thats awesome, strictly for Miami. How cool, they will be on eBay in a week lol just like when LV had special shoes for the California store once
  3. so are you saying i should get them after all? haha
  4. Its something I would def. consider, but for like $200 more I could get 2 pairs of shoes I want.

    but it sounds worth it, as long as it doesn't interfear with your other wants from LV... When the Millionaire glasses were re-released they totally got in the way of what I wanted and I had to drop everything to get them, no regrets but I don't like the feeling of when my plans get disrupted!
  5. they sound HOT!!!!!!
  6. Definitely get them Nik!I can't wait to see pics of these beauties.
  7. i'd think the same. the limitedness is very tempting, but it really depends if the shoes are "me". i was very close to buying those gold Kamaa shoes from this Spring, but i knew i won't get any use out of it. no regrets.
  8. We want pics :weird:
  9. I wish my store had shoes!
  10. if you'll get use out of them you should def. pick them up.
  11. Very tempting indeed. However I wouldn't get it if I wasn't gonna wear it, unless I am filthy rich...
  12. oww I want to see pics!
  13. since we are on this topic, i would like to know, are LV mens shoes comfy? i eyeing a pair of sneaks, but i am not sure if they are worth it, or should i just stick to bags and stuff?
  14. They sound really nice.