super kawaii ross find!

  1. ok. that was lame. but it is cute! and only $20. it's not really "me" but i'll find a use for it.....i'm pretty sure i'll end up using it as a makeup bag when i travel b/c it's all vinyl inside and out. nothing from gwen's harajuku lover's line has ever appealed to me before but the kitties are adorable! i only wish they'd had a shopping bag/tote sized one in this print (all they had in that size was the 70s logo print) would have made a great knitting bag (which was what i was originally shopping for) oh well. i found a quilted tote for my knitting stuff that will probably hold up better to daily dragging around anyway.

    oh and kudos to boomer pup for being patient with mommy. that's what she gets for hanging around the computer room at my feet. :wlae:
    CIMG2784.JPG CIMG2780.JPG CIMG2782.JPG
  2. cute! I like the idea to use it as a makeup bag
  3. Very cute! Sometimes if you are lucky you will find hl at ross and marshalls. Congrats!
  4. cute. but your puppy is cuter!! hehe.
  5. You dog is adorable!
  6. aww thanks guys. she's DH's was love at first sight. she's been home with us for a couple weeks now and i can't imagine our home without her. :smile:
  7. i saw this bag with a different print at my local ross. i was debating whether or not to pick it up but wasn't really loving the print. If only there was a kitty one like yours! Absolutely adorable! Put it to good use! hehe
  8. lol i love the doggie modeling pictures!! :love:
  9. If You can find the uh-o large tote that is the perfect Knitting bag. I love it! it's got the two big pockets it's really deep. I have it in the Orange County print. I have a rather huge collection of HL. II used the brand for a photo shoot last year in school. I'll post pictures of the collection last year. I got almost 90% of the ones i have at ross.
  10. Awww, so cute! Love the pictures with your doggie! And the bag is adorable, too!
  11. Cute! I got a Harajuku Lovers cosmetic bag at TJ Maxx. The designs are just adorable. My sister is using it now.
  12. ooh i'll have to keep my eye out for that. thanks for the tip!
  13. LOVE that print! It is super cute. I agree that a tote in that print would make a perfect knitting bag. I carry a L.A.M.B. LeSportsac tote as my knitting bag!
  14. Cute. Looks very Japanese-y!
  15. I like the print!

    I don't really like the style of the bag itself, but the kitties and the bold red color are really nice (I need more bold-colored bags... most of my bags are either some variation of black, white, or pink). That print would match me so well. :cutesy:

    P.S. Your dog is adorable, ilzabet~~

    P.S.S. Rorosity, is that dog in your avatar a Min Pin? I have one too! She's a 5-year-old brown and tan runt-of-the-litter... my little baby. xD