Super important question here!!! Please advise.

  1. As you know I am going to LV on Friday to try several bags on. I am using my secret CC that has no finance charges until April '07.

    Tennessee sales tax is between 9.25 and 9.75, I don't know what the new boutique/ Nashville charges (sales tax).

    Anyway, since eLux charges sales tax in Tennessee. If I buy on eLux and have my sister in laws information in the account and have it sent to her in Georgia, only billed to me, will I have to pay sales tax? It would be like she is ordering it but I am paying for it.

    I just feel myself getting a little greedy with what all I want to get, so every penny that I can "save" will help.

  2. You could do that, but check to make sure you can have a different billing and shipping address. Some places will only ship to the Bill to address and not let the order through if there is a different ship address.
  3. Yes, if you have it shipped to Georgia you will not pay tax. That is exactly what I did this summer to avoid tax.
  4. Thanks gals!!
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