Super Hot bags from HUB LEATHER - yummmyyy

  1. hi all this is one pakistani brand that i totally love - i have a few bags including laptop bags etc.... just wanted to share the creative talents including photography, makeup and ofcourse BAGS!!! from this corner of the world -

    enjoy! comments welcomed...






    the shoot :
  2. [​IMG]

    I really like this one...thanks for sharing!
  3. Wow...those are some nice looking bags. Is that a high-end brand in Pakistan? Do you know if they sell it in India?
  4. These are really nice!

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. yes it is a high end brand - and they have an amazing quality of leather dare i say sometimes i find it even better than my designer bags and thats because such quality leather is ususally imported from pakistan india etc...

    no it doesnt sell in india and doesnt sell online sadly.. im so exc ited its gonna open in my city in a few days!! cannoooottt wait ..

    also the prices are way lower than stuff from gucci fendi etc... regardless of the quality being top -

    ill surely share pics when i buy atleast5 bags!!!

    and thanks for appreciating :biggrin:
  6. yup its my favoutirte along wiht the last black one :smile:

    i hope i get this one before it sells out ..
  7. i like this one

    can we find it online?
  8. Thanks for sharing. These are pretty nice looking bags:smile:
  9. well unfortunately you cant buy online but they sure have a website call them up and see if they deliver or have sub outlets or somethng....
  10. So they only sell them in Pakistan? Which city?
  11. you can find the details of showrooms on the website -
    i know its in lahore, faisalabad(my city) and probably a few more... umm karachi as well.
  12. those are gorgeous bags!!
  13. How do I get my hands on these bags??
  14. umm well your most welcome to vist pakistan stay at my place.. have an amazing time and yeah buy a few of these bags lol - i cant find another way?!?!?

    email them otherwise to see if its possible to get some by courier or something i doubt it though...
  15. Those bags are really gorgeous. Do they sell them only in Pakistan or are they in any other countries?