Super hard handles on new bal bags?

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  1. Hey bal bag lovers! I just purchased my first bbag in 09 pommier city with GGH. While the leather of bag is super soft, I find the handles as stiff as hard cardboard. Is this normal? How long does it take for the handles to start feeling soft? TIA~!:yahoo:
  2. Why would you want "soft" handles?

    When bbags are brand new, the handles are hard. They soften up with a good amount of usage. However, they don't really become floppy-soft.
  3. I think it depends on the leather and the color or bag. I have had many brand new bags that have softer handles. I prefer the softer handles actually but they all end up soft in the end and some are softer than others. I have a sang day bag that has a very hard handle and I can't wait for it to soften up. They are more comfortable I think.
  4. I personally prefer "hard" handles.

  5. They soften up. Please post pics of yout GGH!!!
  6. Pommier handles and leather in general soften up a lot, as does Tempete. I have found Outremer and Sang to be firmer.
  7. I prefer it when the handles have softened up a bit, don't like the stiffness of newer ones !
  8. i prefer softer handles too. they sit easier on the shoulder.
  9. I like 'hard handles'! So long as the rest of the bag isn't stiff, they allow for a better grip as I hand-carry mine!
  10. Me too! In fact, I wish that the RH bags had stiffer handles like the GH bags.. I've always secretly wished that the RH handles were double laced..
  11. I've never owned a GH for longer than a day, but I did notice that several of my 2010 RH bags had pretty hard handles! (I prefer softer, but I'm sure they'll soften up soon)

  12. Bal handles are so comfy -- I like the look of new handles, but broken-in handles are super soft. Just carry your bag every day and you'll start noticing a difference!
  13. I was comparing my 2010 black to my 2009 Anthra. The 2010 handles is indeed much harder. But i personally like it as the breaking in will soften it anyway. If the handles came soft brand new, with usage it will cause the bag to be look too worn out too soon (for me)
  14. Well, I have a Sang Sunday tote and the handles are fairly soft but the handles on my Outremer Pom Pon are are stiff as is my 2010 Athra Sunday..
  15. so weird! i was just thinking last night that my 2010 gh bags have softer handle than my older bags... hhmmm....