Super happy with my first RM (spring) bag

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  1. Gorgeous color! I've been thinking about an Affair for awhile. And I also migrated to RM from LV and Chloe :smile:
  2. The combination with the Gunmetal HW is TDF!
  3. SOOOO cute...what a perfect combo of colors...the leather and the hardware. Looks super. I just LOVE that lining.

    Is it bad to want a new bag...just for the lining? :smile:
  4. I agree! That hardware color really makes the bag special.

  5. Omg I think the same way as you! I want a bag in diff linings as well! Love the latest lining!!!
  6. :tup:
  7. :tup:
  8. LOVE IT!!! the color is TDF!!! i too am a hugh LV fan and i wanted a colorfull bag so i got one RM at the begining of March and now i have 8!!! :graucho:
  9. Wow, really pretty color & hardware combo.
  10. The combo is very pretty. I love the black and white confetti(I call it that) lining. I am not a big fan of the geo print lining. I am glad black and blue polka dots are gone it looked ok in some bags like my black affair but when I got my neon pink 5 zip it bugged me to no end. I ended up having to sell that bag. I also liked the green leopard surprisingly even though I an not a fan of green. My favorite has to be the birds lining.
  11. This color is gorgeous! Congrats! I'm thinking of getting a nice bright color as well. Would you mind posting mod shots? I'm wondering how it will look cross body. TIA!!
  12. Love the color! And the lining is gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. I'm with you, wasn't really a fan of the leopard lining. I liked the black polka dots one though and this one is really pretty! It contrasts this bag really well!

  14. Yeah, I too love the black polka dots on blue! Unfortunately about 4 of my minis come with the blue leopard lining haha
  15. Beautiful :smile: congrats