Super happy with my first RM (spring) bag

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  1. I was always on the LV forum but with all the price increases I started looking at RM and Michael Kors bags. I first thought that the Affair looked like a cheap knockoff Chanel bag but after awhile I changed my mind and certainly after seeing this color. It's called 'skylight blue' and is perfect for spring/summer. It's a tiny bit more purple than you can notice from the pictures. Love the smell of the leather and the drawstring bag is too cute. I'm hooked!

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  2. #2 Mar 5, 2014
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    also for reference...

    my emilie wallet just fits in there but I don't have ebough room left so should propably buy a new (RM) wallet as well :biggrin:

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  3. Congrats on your new Mini Affair! The color is too adorable, perfect for warmer weather. Is the strap squeaky? I had purchased the larger Affair, but the strap made squeaky noises from the interwoven leather and chain links rubbing against each other. The bag itself was also bigger than I thought it would be so I'm now considering a Mini Affair, but was wondering if it also has the same issue.
  4. The colour is just gorgeous! It's like a powdery periwinkle blue!
  5. You just can't beat Rebecca Minkoff for colorful bags.
  6. The colour is to die for!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Do share how you pair it with outfits!!

  7. I just tried it on and yes I do hear it squak, hopefully it does not bug me
  8. Lovely color! Congrats!
  9. Thanks! I think I'll check it out in person and decide. It's a lovely style otherwise!
  10. LOVE the color! absolutely beautiful!! :loveeyes:
  11. Love the colour!!!!! *squeals* and the inner lining!! Is it just me or does everybody else notices the lining and somehow buys the bag according to their favorite lining???

    I love the new lining hands down. So much better than the blue leopard prints *irks*
  12. I LOVE the colour!

  13. I agree, really love this lining :smile:
  14. Love your new spring bag - its beautiful. Funny you mention the LV forum - I was pondering a Damier Azure Eva clutch but the price just jumped almost 14% here in Canada - so I also looked at Rebecca Minkoff and went out and bought a Mini MAC in a beautiful coral. Love the bag and the colour.
  15. Cute bag- I used to also see them aschanel knockoffs but they look classy in their own right!