Super Gorgeous YSL Med Downtown Tote at Ridiculous Price

  1. Oh. My. God. Nordstroms in Palo Alto has a BEEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL tan downtown tote on sale - marked down from 1495 to 545!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It's a great color, carries really well, and the leather is deeeeelicious. If I have time tomorrow I'll snap some picks, but here are some links to the same bag at NM but in a different color/size:
    this is the bag:
    this is the color:
    Those picks don't even do it justice - it looks even better in person!

    Please someone grab this, or I will have to, and I really can't afford it right now! PM me if you want more info, or if you want me to put it on hold for you or something.

  2. Gaaaah!
  3. What a deal!!
  4. what a great deal! too bad i'm on a ban!
  5. Hey again! I've had a TON of PMs about this bag, so, sadly, I would say at this point it's gone. I'll post again with store/SA #s and maybe they can track down another for anyone who wants one. Sorry!! :sad:
  6. for now:

    Nordstrom Stanford Shopping Center (#422)
    550 Stanford Shopping Center
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    (650) 323-5111
  7. I have just spoken to a Nordstrom SA named Scott down at San Diego Fashion Valley, and he said they still have a size small green shopper at 60%off. And there is also a small white satchel left over... didn't know the name.
    You can call him at 619-295-4441.
  8. I went back this morning and they said literally 5 minutes before they closed last night someone came and bought it. I'm SUPER sad! Apparently though they have been getting calls all day from tpfers...haha.
  9. I called Neiman in Boston, and they still have some YSL Downtowns on sale!
  10. all gone :push: hope a tpfer got it :upsidedown: