Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. Congrats on your new bag! I love the lock! Very cool!
  2. oh my CB!! my my.....what a lovely bag!!! it's sooooo unique! black box with gold hardware and it's vintage!!!! talk about CLASSIC!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! and i love youuuuuuu!!!!!!! "forgot to crop out the feet" LOLLLLLLLLL funny lady!!!!!! you always crack me up!!!!!!!!! congrats!!! i can sorta put a face to all those silly jokes and laser beam/cpr machine/etc fun picture posts now......
  3. CB - LOVE the Lock Bag!!!!!
    Congrats - that is such a beautiful bag!!!
  4. What a beauty! I came late to this party but, I'm glad to have arrived! Congrats!
  5. It's such a nice evening bag! Congrats!! :heart::tup:
  6. CB, I can't believe I almost missed this thread. I know I've been MIA for the past 6 weeks or so, but I'm glad I came "home" in time to see this reveal. Your new bag is more than super cute--it's fantastic. So very clever with the lock, so classic being in black box, and add on top, just the perfect size for evening outs (could even go more casual when needed). CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  7. Whoa!!!! Sorry I am soooo late to this party of yours!! I cannot believe I didn't visit this thread earlier! Your "new" bag is simply gorgeous!!! Lucky you to have such a special bag fairy to grant you the perfect bag! LTC is THE BEST!!! Enjoy your new bag bc you ABSOLUTELY deserve it!!!
  8. Oh soooo pretty! Congrats!
  9. Oh, thank you again...its never too late to come to a party at CB's!!!!
    I always make too much food and buy too much wine, LOL!!!

    Thank you all for the lovely compliments. I really love this little bag, and am looking forward to taking her out for a proper spin....!!!

    You are all so kind and sweet to share with me!!! I feel so happy to be able to share the fun with you all...and of course I must thank my dear friend for finding her for me!!

    Champagne for everyone!!!!
  10. Shes gorgeous!!! Love it!! Congratulations xx
  11. Wonderful find!You look fab with your new baby!Congratulations!
  12. wow - how did I miss this one??

    Gorgeous, CB - congratulations!

  13. STUNNING!!!! Is this a new style or a vintage bag??? It looks great on you and very versatile!
  14. That's a gorgeous bag! Congrats, CobaltBlu!