Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. CB, i'm shocked - a girl should NEVER let her batteries run out. :graucho:

    (ps - glad you got it -- it looks fabooo on you!)
  2. WoW A huge Congrats!!!!! Spectacular Bag!!!!! :yahoo:I have never seen that!!!!! Ever!!! I loooove everything, leather, closure (big wow), and the shoulder strap!!! Really a terrific treasure to own!!! I am so glad it went to someone who will care for it!!
  3. That bag's not "cute", it's drop-dead GORGEOUS! What a fabulous, classic and timeless handbag. I ADORE vintage Hermes (it does a LOT more for me than these new almost-"it"-bags coming out for Fall 2008) - they are works of art and craftsmanship.

    Don't you adore the agneau lining? While in LA, I saw a vintage Hermes with that - soft as a baby's bottom.

    What a find!!! Enjoy this beauty!!!
  4. Beautiful! Gorgeous and unique bag that looks so very Hermes!
  5. It's fabulous, and you are, too! What a find!
  6. It´s perfection! Congrats CB!
  7. All I can say is- Wow!!:drool: Congrats CB!!!!
  8. :party: CONGRATULATIONS CobaltBlu!!! :drinkup:

    Vintage H is so chic and you wear the bag so well!
  9. That bag is gorgeous, CB! The hardware is so clever.
  10. Wow CB, love it! :tup: Congrats on a gorgeous, unique stunner! :yahoo:
  11. ITA India hit it exactly! Came back this am to drool some more:drool:

    I think you should take this to the gallery with you and put it on display as a work of art!
  12. Congratulations! It's gorgeous. :smile:
  13. Congratulations! It's a beautiful bag. I too have a casual lifestyle, but I would love to have a dressy clutch. Maybe someday.......when all my Birkin dreams have been fulfilled.
  14. That's a very unique-looking bag! Congratulations!
  15. what a beauty!