Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. Wooo........hoo.........gorgeous bag, CB!
  2. P, In one word I have to say gorgeous. I have neve seen one like it before, it must have such a history. Looks fab on you sweety...
  3. Whoa, I love this bag!!! It is fabulous!! You really have a fab, fab find!!! Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  4. STUNNNING! congrats!
  5. Woohoo..... I love love love the action pics. I knew it!!!! I thought this would be the perfect bag for you and I was right :yahoo::yahoo:.

    :heart::heart::heart:It's a Perfect Match!:heart::heart::heart:

    Black Box GH with such sleek lines is always perfect for the evening. With the guesset and the strap, you could surely use this bag during the day. It holds a lot more than the jige elan and the maharani. It's indeed super cute and versatile.
  6. I had a feeling it was you! :cool: You are the queen of vintage!:heart:
  7. CB, Beautiful! Congrats. :smile:
  8. beautiful CB, first time for me to see this bag!
  9. WOW! That is incredible! Figures you find the one in a million treasure out there! So happy for you!!! Enjoy in good health, it looks fabulous on you!
  10. OM MY! That is way too CUTE!!! Love it and Cobalt...CONGRATS!!!!!! Yeah for you my friend!
  11. This has got to be about the most perfect evening bag from H that I've ever seen.:heart: The non-fussy, elegant details are so classic and timeless.

    I am truly happy that this lovely bag found her way to you CobaltBlue, for as much as you do for us on the Purse Forum with authentications and general support. You are a very special woman who deserves such a unique bag!:yes:
  12. I love it!! Congrats.
  13. CB, TDF! congrats on a fab find!
  14. Hi CB! Congratulations on the new addition to your Hermes family! It is a gorgeous bag!
  15. Fabulous bag! Congrats!!