Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. Congratulations CobaltBlu on your beautiful, rare vintage Beauty!
    Such a lucky find - I wish they would still make them. It looks perfect on you - wear her in good health!!
  2. So classy, I likey. Congrats on this vintage find.
  3. That's lovely and looks wonderful on you, what a fantastic find. I'm squinting at one of your pics - does the strap come off completely to make a true clutch?
  4. CB:

    Don't get near Mrs. P...she will rip this away from you!! Simply gorgeous, simply classic...good going says Mr. P!!!! How the heck did you get your hands on this? OUt of words here....simply amazing!!! Wear in good health! PP

  5. CB, Wow!! Congrats!! That's a gorgeous bag. It's the first time I've ever seen one! Another reason why TPF rocks!!!!!!
  6. good going CB, looks great on you, perfect size.

    I have an evening bag in satin from LV and used it when I went to Hong Kong, during the day, you can use these items anywhere anytime.
  7. ColbaltBlu!! You are so lucky to have one of these!! It's so simple and beautiful. LOVE IT. Your action shots look great! The bag goes with everything..just throw a scarf in with your casual outfits and you are ready to go!:tup:
  8. CB!!! I love that bag!

    Congrats!!! It's a perfect addition to a very carefully selected collection. I ADORE it on you!
  9. Oh wow, that is such an adorable bag and it looks fabulous on you. Very unique! Congratulations!
  10. Beautiful bag in such gorgeous condition! You wear it well!
  11. What a neat bag! I've never seen this design - very elegant and unique!

  12. Fantastic! And i´m very impressed with the lock, and how to open it...CLEVER!! :tup:
  13. Veryy cool 'vintage' bag, looks great on you. I think it's a fab find, congrats!
  14. That is a gorgeous bag the front is so clever. Perfect for a night out . Enjoy in good health.
  15. Congratulations CobaltBlu! What a fantastic and classy bag!