Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. :drool::drool:
  2. How exciting, CB! I love your adorable find!! And how nice that a sister in the H forum helped you find it!!
  3. sliding the lock open
    (it is a spring mechanism, very beautifully made...the lock is very fine, just like the kelly or birkin lock)


    See the little holes


    And the prongs....


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  4. Here is the interior!!!



    I think the bag has been stored flat for some time, and rarely carried. But it opens up---you can see the gusset is folded in the picture above...Here is a side view, with it held open...


    But really, it wants to be flat....I dont think I would overstuff this bag, it is quite charming in its sleek, flatter incarnation..

    Thank you for sharing. This is a real treat, a great little bag that fits my needs to perfection!!!

    Hugs and kisses to my Bag Angel...:love::love:

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  5. great find CB :tup: and it looks fantastic on you.

    I have never seen this style before...really gorgeous and unique!

    can you tell us more about it, please?

  6. Nevah gonna happen sistah, NEVAH!!!! LOL!!!!

    But thank you for your sweet compliment, my home girl!!! :love:
  7. Thank you all for sharing with me this evening!!!

    I really wish I could tell you more about this bag...My friend saw it and asked me if I would be interested....I dont know when this style first came about, or how long it was made.

    I wish they still made it, it is really lovely and quite understated. But so beautifully crafted. It is like the ancestor of the kelly wallet, or kelly longue, in a way......

    I sometimes picture the Kelly family tree in my head, LOL!!!

    I will see what else I can find out!
  8. CB -- super elegant! I love it!!!! I love these vintage style bags.
  9. very elegant and so classic....
  10. so cute, congrats!
  11. Congratulations, CobaltBlu! It's super cute indeed!

  12. congrats on the good find. It looks so adorable & pretty!
  13. Beautiful, love the retro-vintage feel. Gold hardware with black box is the ultimate! Excellent pick!
  14. That is so classy looking bag. Congrats!
  15. Beautiful bag. I love the older styles. You could wear it in the day too if you don't have to carry too much stuff. You wear her well.