Super Fast Reveal of Super Cute Bag!!!

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  1. Well, the battery died just as I got to that part....

    The front of the "lock" slides down, and there is a double prong part (this is disguised as the top "loop" of the lock) that lifts out. Its ingenious, actually....

    I will get photos asap....I feel really badly about that, because its pretty confusing to explain...but oh so Hermes-clever, IYKWIM!!
  2. Congrats, CB, it's a beautiful classic, do you know how old it is and when this style last was offered?
  3. They really are! Especially on the older bags. It takes time to be clever and come up with this stuff!

  4. I have the feeling it is from the 70's. How close am I?
  5. [​IMG]

    oooh forgot to crop out the feet....sorry!!! LOL :P:P



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  6. Looking really good CB! How about a pic with the grass skirt? LOL! You have proved that you can wear it with anything!
  7. congrats CB!!! that's a really interesting H style :smile:
  8. OMG! That is FABULOUS! Congratulations, CB!
  9. Very super cute, indeed!
  10. That is the first time I have seen that style. It is very classy. You look wonderful. A great match between bag and owner.

  11. This is 1987.....

    And you know what else....
    It is lined in agneau...and it really doesnt look like it has ever had anything in it....

    There is a zipper compartment on one side, and two open compartments like in the kelly on the front...there is also a very front section that looks like you could put papers or tickets in it. So, there are two compartments, one gusseted and one flat.

    A thousand pardons about the batteries.....
  12. Congratulations CB! Enjoy your wonderful bag in the best of health.
  13. CB, you look great, don't mind the feet, lol! I love the way hardware was both beautiful and clever in old days (more like an integral part of the design), I've noticed this on my vintage, unfortunately non-H, bags. Also, the vintage H silver bracelet I have has the best lock ever, one that can actually be easily closed w one hand.
  14. very beautiful bag! and it looks perfect on you!
  15. I just found some batteries in the clicker!!

    hang on if you can...