Super Fast Personalization!

  1. after hermes... i said, why not drop my red epi agenda for a touch, walked in, got directed to level 3, and "Barry" did it for me in a matter of 3mins... what great service! i luv it! oh btw, this was australia, sydney, castlereagh store

    Photo 10.jpg
  2. It looks great!!
  3. yay congrats!
  4. Very nice!
  5. Congrats
  6. See, like I said, heat stamping will only takes a few minutes, but only if the sales assistants want to.
  7. It looks great! I love how 2 or 3 little letters can make a beautiful piece really really yours like that :yes:
  8. Looks great!! :tup:
  9. it look so special now..:tup:
  10. So HOT-loves it what a great day.
  11. so cool! congrats!
  12. That looks very nice! :tup:
  13. Wow! I didn't know they did that on agendas; how cool is that!!!??? awesome.
  14. cool, looks great!
  15. Very cool! Love the color!