Super Fakes...You will Not believe this !

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  1. Hi everyone, I was just looking on google for pics of the Panda cles. I found a pic and clicked on it, it lead me to a site called PISA which only sells designer items (mostly LV) at 1st I thought WOW another real LV site (only because of the stuff its selling)...but then I thought NO only Eluxury sell real LV online. So this site sells things that really are Super Fake and I mean Super. I think this site is awful...I bet some peopl buy stuff and think its real. They sell bags and accessories for near enough the same price as LV. Here is a list of some stuff :throwup: they even sell the LV paper weight and all VIP items

    * All cherise range
    * everything Panda
    * the V collection
    * antigua
    * vernis
    * Damier
    * All Limited edition LV gifts...including the paper weight
    * all rare discontinued and limited edition
    * watches, rings and pendants
    * LV cup

    : P I S A :
  2. PISA is a second hand shop in Hong Kong..

    This may have been more appropriate in the authenticate this sticky, so I shall be closing. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.