super excited for Xmas

  1. so i am almost positive that i am getting a fendi spy for christmas. yay. i think im getting the one with the leather and zucca material with the tortuga(?) handles. but i was wondering how much it retails for..... checking if my parents are spending the same amount on me as they are for my brother. dont want things to be unfair for me, lol
  2. so... your parents are buying you an $1800+ bag, and you are concerned with whether they are spending enough on you?
  3. ^^ well, i wasnt exactly sure how much it was. i knew it was going to be in that price range, but my brother gets a ton of electronics every year so i know those have to be expensive too, right?
  4. i guess. it's not really my habit to calculate the cost of my gifts versus my sister's to determine which of us is the favored child.
  5. ^^ i always do that. i know its a bad habit, but i do that with basically everything. idk :shrugs:
  6. maybe you should stop thinking of whether your parents love and care for you in terms of how many dollars they spend and just be grateful that they can afford to buy you a designer bag for christmas.
  7. My parents and I stopped exchanging gifts years ago- including me getting "Santa" from them. I'd die of shock if I got a designer bag. Lucky girl! Enjoy your blessings verses counting them, while they last! lol
  8. As long as I'm getting a Spy, I wouldn't care! :nuts:
  9. Wow... Some people are unbelievable.
  10. :nogood:
  11. We just had dinner and opened gifts last night and my Dad said, "The best gift is that we're all here together." ITA!!!