Super excited and a bit nervous ~ my first BV?

  1. Got a call from the NYC boutique yesterday that the Ombré Large Tote is waiting for me, and I'm going there on Friday!!!

    I just love the look of it, the colour is so me ~ I'm a zen garden kinda girl who loves turtles, frogs, geckos and such.:lol:

    I am also a bit nervous if it really works for me... and, it will be THE most expensive bag ever...:shocked:

    Please, wish me luck!!
    BV Ombré Large Tote.jpg
  2. Good luck! I think that bag is stunning. I love the ombre effect and love the greens. Please report back with photos.
  3. Wow, Mid.. a great choice for your first BV! Please do post pics when you get it! Congrats!
  4. so beautiful! I would love to see pics after you get it home,
  5. congrats! picssss!!!!!
  6. Wow, can't wait to see pics! It's a gorgeous effect the ombre. Don't forget the action pics too.
  7. This bag is such a stunning beauty - can't wait to see pics. Would love to see how these colours look outdoors!
  8. I`m glad you finally took the plunge, Mid-! The bag will gorgeous!
  9. Mid-, I love, love, love, the ombre totes BV has done this year! It is really striking. Nothing to be nerveous about with your choice of bag. It is a winner. Looking forward to the pictures!
  10. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and encouragement!! I really hope I love it in person. If not, I'll probably come home with campana in ebano, my second love.;)

    Oh C_24, special thanks to you for answering my naive and looong post back in July!!
  11. ^ You`re more than welcome!
  12. lucky you! it will be a bag that you wont regret getting! please post pics!
  13. Yippeeee, sounds great!!!! pictures please!
  14. Congrats! It's gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your photos...
  15. Wow... finally someone getting this beauty! Can't wait to share your happiness by your pics - so remember to post as soon as you collect this treasure! Congratulations!