Super easy iced coffee, tastes exactly like Starbucks Frappucino!

  1. It's so easy! Just brew up about 8-10 cups of coffee in your coffee maker and let it cool a few minutes. Pour into a pitcher and add one 14 oz can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. Stir well and refrigerate. It tastes exactly like Frappucino and it is delicious. I always make this at night before I go to bed so that I can grab a quick glass in the morning.
  2. Mmmmm.... if this works my DH will send you the money we saved from not going to Starbucks.

    Before I was pregnant-- my monthly starbucks bill was OUTRAGEOUS...

    But, now with no caffeine--- it is not too bad.
  3. Wow?? Really? I have to try this!! Think of all the money I could save!
  4. Cool, thanks for sharing!!! I'm sooo addicted to coffee!
  5. Yum. I'm gonna try this.
  6. I would have never thought of this! thanks for sharing I'm defiantly trying this.
    I'm going to add flavor syrup to make it extra yummy.
  7. Thanks for this. definitely going to give it a go.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely try this
  9. hi everyone! so who tried this and how did it turn out?
  10. I tried it with a 12 oz can of UNsweetened evaporated milk. It's great! I just like to cut the calories and add my own Splenda. :smile:
  11. If you want to go to the trouble, you can also make a tray of ice cubes made from coffee. Use your "coffee cubes" in the blender with the above recipe and you'll have a frosty drink.
  12. I have another suggestion - COLD brew. Mix about four scoops of coffee with water in a mason jar (cap & seal). Leave at least 4 hours or overnight on the counter. Next day, transfer to another container through a sieve (sp?). Then, use cheesecloth to do one more strain. Mix this in a pitcher with an equal part of cold water and a bit of ice. The coffee is sooooo good this way. Caramel undertones, no bitterness... fantastic!
  13. Thank you soooo much for posting this recipe! It's true! It tastes just like a Frappucino! I'm so excited! Mmmm, thank you! (yesssss, I've had just a little too much caffeine) ;o)
  14. wow i may try this
  15. this is gonna save me some money
    now all i have to do is not be lazy