Super Duper Carry On-- How I use my Anchor tote

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  1. I recently purchased the Treesje Anchor Tote. When I received it I thought Holy cow, this is a HUGE bag. But, I kept it for an upcoming trip... tomorrow... I have now finished packing. It is the ONLY suitcase I am taking on a 4 day trip. I am plus-sized and this is what I have in it: 1 pair of pants, 2 sweaters (one very thick), 2 pairs of socks, undies and a bra, 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 tanks, 1 pair of thick long underwear, one of those bagallini foldable totes, 1 full sized brush, a makeup case with travel sized items, aspirin, etc etc, 2 paperbacks, a 4X6 thick picture frame, 2 scarves, 2 pairs of gloves, a hat, a small notebook...!!!

    I have a crossbody RM MAC in grey as my purse.

    No 50$ extra bag fee for me:smile:)))):yahoo::yahoo:

    What do you use YOUR giant Treesje bags for?
  2. Please take a traveling pic or two! I'd love the see this bag in action!
  3. Very cool idea to use the Anchor Tote as a carry-on! I'd also love to see pics!
  4. I'd love to see a picture too, please :smile: