Super cute satin trench coats for $20!!

  1. Ok I usually would never think to shop for clothes at Target but my friend had on the CUTEST jacket the other day so I asked her where she got it. I was completely shocked and dumbfounded when she said of all places Target! Who knew?!?!

    Anywho, so I went there and tried it on and totally loved it. I wore it out the other night on the town over my LBD and got some great compliments. No one knew it only cost me $20!! I liked it so much I also got it in the gray ice color, this would be great for some color w/an all black outfit!

    So anyway, here is the link (sorry it's just Med and up sizes left):

    If you spend over $50, the shipping is free. But each item has to say this to qualify. And once you add it to your cart, you can click on it to see if you can return it in your local store if it doesn't work out.

    Here is a coupon: I don't know what the actual code is but click here then click on the $5 off $50 and it will automatically take the $5 off your order when you checkout:

    **oh and for reference, I got them in MED and I usually wear a L or XL in A&F sweatshirts or a M in Gap/Old Navy/BR shirts.
  2. oooh neat!
  3. oh I should say that the pics on DO NOT give this coat justice. IT IS SO MUCH CUTER IRL.

    I will try and post a modeling pic of it later. Have to get dressed first.....hehe.
  4. So Cheap!!!
  5. i'd love to see a modeling pic! thanks for posting this great deal, it's always nice to have a few throw-around pieces of outerwear :tup:.
  6. Thanks that looks adorable - I might have to go to Target after work!
  7. I love it....
    I also love dressing "hi-low"....mix it takes creativity...not just money!

    Keep it up! Love it!
  8. Thanks for the info! can you please show us pics of you modeling your new coat? Im contemplating a purchase but not sure since i really prefer to see it in person before buying.
  9. That's great! My only problem is, when someone compliments me on something like that, I'll say, "oh thanks! Target $19.99!" instead of just syaing thank you.
  10. We wanna see the pictures! :smile:
  11. wow... those really do look nice... maybe I should drop by target?
  12. OOOH I love it but need a small. Does anyone know if they have any in the store?? I better head over there I want the ice color!
  13. def post pictures. im interested to see!

  14. Yup! I do that too, sometimes! I am just so proud of myself finding something really nice that doesn't really look cheap. :tup:
  15. target has some amazing stuff. especially shoes!