Super cute MBMJ RED Patent Bag!

  1. WOW! I love this bag! SeXxY!

    Its such an incredible pop of juicy, sumptuous color and the shine is the icing on the cake! I can see this going with all kinds of outfits. $461.95 from Zappos is IMO a reasonable price for such a little piece of complete and utter hotness!
  2. i saw it irl and it's more pink than it is red. i do wish mj made a red bag for his collection and mbmj line though. i need some color in my collection and a fire engine red would be perfect.

  3. ITA! Have you ever seen the Firebird Red that MBMJ used a while back for the bowler and teri? It is soooo beautiful; a true fire engine-ish red that I wish he would use again
  4. what a great color :biggrin:
  5. cute!
  6. i remember firebird red. everyone was going crazy trying to find the bowler for awhile. it was a great color, and i'm sad that i missed out on it. i was hoping that cordovan would be similar, but it's more of a burgundy than a true red. i'm sure he'll release a similar color soon. at least, i hope so!
  7. i love the color!
  8. cute! I always love red, but I agree with tadpole that it's more pink irl...I've also got my eye on the Lovely Luz on elux. I think it's definitely worth the $$.
  9. Very sexie!! Congrats!